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Room Spray - Winter Wonders

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Revitalise your space effortlessly. Experience an instant refresh with a spritz.
  • Instant refresh, lasting freshness
  • Versatile use in the air or on soft furnishings
  • Free of synthetic fragrances

*Christmas box and wooden table ornament not available. 


100% Pure Essential Oil Blend
Silver Fir, Geranium, Wild Mint

Top note: Wild Mint
Middle note: Geranium
Bottom note: Silver Fir

Fresh cooling notes from Wild Mint, with a touch of cheery sweetness from Geranium and warmth from the herbaceous scent of Silver Fir. A mesmerising mix that brings a sense of endless fun in the snow.

Enter a realm of splendour amidst the frosty glades spanning as far as the eye can see. As you take in the chilly air with wondrous feelings of the sight, feel the softness of the powdery snow with very step while you warm up with the laughter and the memories of your winter adventures. 

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