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About Us

Started in 2018, FLO specialises in waterless and heatless diffusers and creating naturally scented products using 100% pure essential oils from the best origins.  

What started as an interest turned into a motivation to share our philosophy of enjoying aromatherapy in various simple ways. Indulging in wellness and positivity is a lifestyle at FLO that we want to bring to everyone. 

A Homegrown Brand

FLO Diffuser Home on a coffee table in a living room setting.

Our products are designed and pieced together in Singapore. The team at FLO knows the quality of aromatherapy products counts. We strive to make the use of aromatherapy as rewarding as possible, as with your entire shopping experience with us. 

Our passion for excellence is what drives us. We are committed to bringing forth the best experiences and products we formulate and produce in-house locally. 

Where Does the Name "FLO" Come From?

FLO represents the natural flow of scents derived from essential oils found in mother nature's flora, bringing you wellness and positive impacts on your various living spaces. The meanings behind our brand name define our brand promise to you - Indulge in Wellness and Positivity.

Our Origins

Started as consumers, the captivating aromas of essential oils have got us scenting our living spaces. Knowing how pure essential oils can also bring numerous benefits for our wellness, we were eager to share with our family and friends but only to discover similar pain points we had. The market back then had a lack of diffusers that truly fulfilled our needs to ensure the purest and most natural diffusion.  

This spurred us to go on a journey to bring to the bigger community the goodness of aromatherapy we advocate. Aromatherapy should not only derive from the purest essential oils but also the instruments and products we formulate matter just as much to make the best of living and nature. That is the belief FLO holds.

Our Mission

Our mission is to let everyone enjoy aromatherapy through various simple ways and as naturally as possible.

Our Vision

Our vision is to elevate the quality of lives through wellness, by providing accessible and effective products that promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Our Value

We are committed to providing high-quality, pure and natural products, while minimizing our environmental impact. We prioritize educating our customers on the benefits and safe use of essential oils.