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Wedding Favours

We create gifts that captivate every heart. It’s the biggest day of your life. Make your gift count.

Wedding favours can be practical, meaningful and desirable keepsakes you and your guests will love. Produced locally with carefully curated formulations and naturally scented using only 100% pure essential oils from the finest origins all around the world.

Reach out to us to find out how to create your personalised wedding favours.

Custom Aromatic Sachet for Jocelyn & Yash
20ml Room Spray for Joel & Alexa
20ml Pillow Mist for Yina & Kenneth
10ml Dream Pillow Mist for Junhong & Eileen
Custom Aromatic Sachet for Nicole & Desmond
20ml Room Mist for Zhongping & Charmaine
10ml Room Mist in organza bag for Zan & Shyanne
Custom label Joyful and Bloom Hand Sanitisers for Eugene & An Juan
Fonts provided by Wen Da & Qing
20ml Hand Sanitisers for Gavin & Dawn
10ml Bloom Room Mist for Wenjia & Spencer
20ml Love Hand Sanitisers for James & Jasmine
10ml Dream Pillow Mist for Aaron & Liana
20ml Hand Sanitisers for Karna & Kamen
Handwritten names provided by Han Yong & Viona

Customised label with Ron and Denise's monogram

18ml custom Hand Sanitiser bottles for Bendy & Stephanie
Bloom Hand Sanitisers with customised labels for Clement & Nicole

Hand Sanitiser and Disinfectant Spray set in organza bag

Make it Personal

Let us create the perfect wedding favours for your most special day.