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Aromatic Wood Series Essential Oil Blends.

The Aromatic Wood Series

The most premium 100% Essential Oil Series of FLO's shelves yet — A collection of Santalum Album essential oil and its four other blends with FLO Diffusers and more.

The collection features True Sandalwood Essential Oil, also known as Indian Sandalwood. Ranking on one of the most remarkably priced oil, its long history of 200 decades in cultural, spiritual, and medicinal use and its elaborate cultivation process have set itself apart from the essential oil family.


Santalum Album

Extracted from True Sandalwoods of India, enjoy the creamy vanilla-like sweetness of Sandalwoods.

Sandalwood Essential Oil.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

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Oriental Wood

Sandalwood, Lemongrass, Cedarwood

Using Lemongrass as a classic trait of an oriental aroma, bask in the heartening quality of Oriental Wood that brings warmth to the mind, body and space.

Oriental Wood Essential Oil Blend.

Oriental Wood Essential Oil Blend

from $36.90

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Mandarin Wood

Sandalwood, Tangerine, Sweet Orange

An aroma that never fails: woods and citrus for a refreshing sweet tangy flavour on top of a grounded nutty note that rejuvenates the fatigued soul and welcomes the mind into a space of calmness.

Mandarin Wood Essential Oil Blend.

Mandarin Wood Essential Oil Blend

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Oasis Wood

Sandalwood, Tea Tree, Petitgrain

The calming element of nature, Oasis Wood is a dewy aroma on top of a smoky flavour that soothes the distressed mind into a calm ocean tidal wave.

Oasis Wood Essential Oil Blend.

Oasis Wood Essential Oil Blend

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Terra Wood

Sandalwood, Vetiver, Frankincense

The grounding element of Mother Nature. Terra Wood is a complex aroma rich in that smoky petrichor note topped with a fresh foliage scent.

A tranquilising aroma for the after-storms. Transports the anxious mind into a realm of zen.

Terra Wood Essential Oil Blend.

Terra Wood Essential Oil Blend

from $38.90

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