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Retreat Essential Oil Blend - FLO Aroma

Retreat Essential Oil Blend

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100% Pure Essential Oil Blend
Tangerine, Lavender, Cedarwood
Swinging in a hammock, sipping your favourite citrus tea and overseeing the luscious greens of Mother Nature — There's no better treat for the mind and soul than a Retreat to nature. Aromas brought to you from central regions of Earth, Retreat is for those who seek the slower pace in midst of their restless busy schedules. With Lavender and Cedarwood balancing the mood and emotions, the burst of refreshing Tangerine aroma eases you slowly into a grin. Be right back — busking in the ambience of a getaway...
Sweetness from Tangerine wrapped with herbaceous florals of Lavender to give you that calming herbaceous citrus scent. Retreat is as it says, a slow deep breath, soothing yet refreshing. The Cedarwood of this beautiful blend comes in as a support in the bottom note. Can you imagine now? Chilling in your hammock of a classic resort getaway.

Top note: Tangerine
Middle note: Lavender
Bottom note: Cedarwood