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Sweet Orange Essential Oil

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100% Pure Essential Oil
Citrus sinensis

Country of origin: Brazil

A distinct aroma one can never fail to identify — Sweet Orange is a fresh fruit scent of abundance in sweetness and just a tad of tanginess. Commonly also referred to as Orange Oil, the orange family is large and contains other varieties of orange oils such as Bitter Orange an Blood Orange. The Sweet Orange as its name suggests is the sweetest one among these. This enlivening and cheery aroma from Brazil never fails to brighten up any mood.

A bright and intense aroma like Sweet Orange could be effective in suppressing odours, uplifting the atmosphere and rejuvenating the mind, body and spirits.

A fresh fruity sweetness with a light tangy aroma.

A classic citrus scent like Sweet Orange is well-versed in many oil pairings. Be it other citrus oils, mint notes, or other denser note profiles like Mandarin Wood where Sweet Orange tops the aroma together with Mandarin.

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