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Pine Essential Oil

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100% Pure Essential Oil
Pinus sylvestris

Country of origin: Bulgaria

The very symbol of the festive in December, Pine Essential Oil is extracted from Scotch Pine trees of Bulgaria, also known to many as Christmas trees. This evergreen is traditionally thought of as a symbol of everlasting life which is the reason of decorating them during Christmas. The bright herbaceous aroma from its needles, and woody notes from its cones and twigs make Pine Essential Oil an acquired scent that is invigorating and simulative.

With its piquant aroma and subtle warm sweetness, Pine Essential Oil can aid in inflammatory and respiratory discomforts, allowing positive energy flow and dissipates pesky feelings.

Herbaceous aroma of amber tones.

As 1 of the 3 wood essential oils at FLO, Pine Essential Oil is used mainly as a middle or bottom note complimenting herbaceous florals or other wood note profiles.

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