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Marjoram Essential Oil

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100% Pure Essential Oil
Origanum majorana

Country of origin: France

A herb that has been around since ancient times, Marjoram has been used to treat many aliments and was seen as a symbol of happiness. Believed to be favoured by the Goddess Aphrodite, Marjoram was said to have helped in nurturing love and was an ingredient in 'love potions'. In present time, Marjoram's a culinary herb used for seasoning.

Marjoram Essential Oil has a calming and sedative effect on both the mind and body that relieves stress and anxiety, promoting restful sleep. It's warm aroma also has a soothing effect that helps with respiratory problems.

Warm herbaceous scent with sweet notes.

A middle note that blends well with most oils especially florals, citrus and other herbaceous scents, add a few drops of Marjoram for some warmth.

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