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Lavender Essential Oil

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100% Pure Essential Oil
Lavandula angustifolia

Country of origin: France

France, known for its rich lavender cultivation, produces lavender essential oil that sets itself apart from lavenders grown in other countries. The favourable climate and fertile lands throughout various regions in France contribute to the superior quality of the lavender plants. The country's long-standing tradition of lavender cultivation, combined with the expertise of local farmers and distillers, ensures that the essential oil captures the true essence of the lavender flowers. 

Most commonly known for its sedative effect on the mind to aid in a peaceful sleep or relieve of tension and stress. The Lavender Essential Oil also contains antiseptic properties which is a good agent in repairing of the skin.

All 3 lavenders are from France, and all are effective in promoting better sleep. The main difference lies in their scent profiles as they are grown in different climates and regions of France. Choose the lavender based on your preferred scent profile:

Lavender Essential Oil Greener herbaceous notes.
Lavender High Alpine Essential Oil Sweeter nectarous notes.
Lavender Provence Essential Oil Balanced herbaceous and sweet floral notes. Fuller body which some might find it stronger scenting. 

Lavender Essential Oil pairs well with most other aromas but typically with other florals, citrus or mint.

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