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Eucalyptus Lemon Essential Oil

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100% Pure Essential Oil 
Eucalyptus citriodora

Country of origin: Madagascar

Also known as the 'Lemon-scented Gum', what sets it apart from the rest of the Eucalyptus family is the fresh lemon aroma due to its high levels of citronellal. Historically, Aboriginal Australians have used Eucalyptus Lemon leaves to speed up the healing of colds, wounds, and infections due to its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

Refreshing and invigorating, Eucalyptus Lemon uplifts, energises, and clears both your mind and your surroundings. Commonly used in treating respiratory infections, it brings relief to colds and sinus congestion. Its citronellal content makes great natural insect repellent too.

A bright, sweet lemon-like scent with underlying herbaceous notes

With its citrus aroma, Eucalyptus Lemon pairs well with woody notes like Cedarwood and Patchouli to add a brighter dimension.

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