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How to Set up FLO Diffuser Go

Simple steps to set up and get started on your aroma diffuser. Also known as Nebulising Diffusers, they do not use any water nor heat to operate.

FLO Diffuser Go (Push Release)

FLO Diffuser Go (Pressure Release)

Pointers for Set Up & Use

Nozzle Tube

While any 5-20ml essential oil bottles can be attached, the appropriate nozzle tube length should be used. Nozzle tubes of 3 different lengths have been included in the box.

Washer Ring

As you detach the empty bottle from the nozzle head, the rubber washer ring may get stuck with the bottle. Do not dispose the washer ring, push it back into the nozzle head.

Micro-USB Cable

A standard micro-USB cable is used to power the device. You may use cables of your own but ensure that the metal tip is 0.65cm in length.

How to Clean FLO Diffuser Go

Follow these simple steps to clean the FLO Diffuser Go.

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