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FLO Diffuser Go Accessories Pack

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For users who wish to use various essential oils, change up the nozzle head or tube for each scent. Simply plug in the respective nozzle head or tube whenever you wish to change your course of aromatherapy.

There are 3 types of nozzles, please select the nozzle type for your Diffuser Go.


  • 1 nozzle head with 20ml empty glass bottle
  • 10 standard length tubes
  • 1 Essential Oil Bottle Opener
  • 1 Zip Pouch


Nozzle head change: Pour essential oil into the 20ml empty bottle or attach any 5-20ml filled essential oil bottle.

Nozzle tube change: When using a different sized essential oil bottle, the transparent nozzle tube needs to be altered accordingly. Cut the nozzle tube length such that it reaches the bottom of the glass bottle.


Length of tube: 6.4cm
Empty bottle size: 20ml
Compatible for: FLO Diffuser Go

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