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Geranium Essential Oil

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100% Pure Essential Oil
Pelargonium graveolens
Country of origin: Egypt

In North East of Mother Continent Africa, our 100% Pure Geranium Essential Oil is extracted through steam distillation from the Pelargonium leaves. The Geranium Essential Oil is truly femininity in essence. It has historically been cultivated for its beauty effects since its discovery by Europeans.
The Geranium Essential Oil is highly acquired for its sweet floral scent that is excellent in helping to uplift your mood and balance the state of mind, chasing your troubles away.
Sweet floral that is often associated with rose.

As one of the most versatile aroma, the Geranium Essential Oil goes well with a wide range of other scents. From citrus to fruity, you can find them in our Joyful Essential Oil Blend.

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