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Setting Up and Cleaning Diffuser Home

Setting up FLO Diffuser Home

Simple steps to set up and get started on your aroma diffuser. Also known as Nebulising Diffusers, they do not use any water nor heat to operate.

Step 1 

Fix up glass chamber into diffuser base

Step 2

Connect to power source

Step 3

Drip in around 20 drops of essential oil into the glass chamber

Step 4

Turn up the dial to power on and adjust diffusion intensity as you like

Care Tips

100% Pure Essential Oils

Only 100% pure essential oils. Do not use essential oils that are oil-based or water-based, essential oil concentrates, burner oils, or massage oils.

20 - 30 Drops of Oil

20-30 drops last for a recommended duration of 30-60 minutes. Or adjust the amount of oil used as you wish for a shorter or longer session.

30 - 60 Minutes Optimal Window

As the essential oils are diffused without dilution, a half to one hour duration is an adequate period for each use. Multiple sessions can be done throughout the day.

How to Clean FLO Diffuser Home

Cleaning of the nebulising diffuser is easy peasy.

Cleaning Nebulising Diffusers

Appropriate amount of solvent

Pour cleaning solvent into glass chamber and fill to 1/4 height of the microtubes or an appropriate amount enough to cover oil remnants and the sides of the glass as you swirl and shake to clean.

Monthly Cleaning

Wash when you'd like to pause usage for a few days, or particular about mixing of aroma. While washing is not necessary everyday if you use the diffuser regularly, we recommend washing it from time to time to prevent clogging caused by oxidation of oil remnants when diffuser is left unused for a period of time.

Daily Cleaning for Thick Oils

For thicker and heavier pure essential oils such as Sandalwood, Patchouli, Cedarwood and the likes, washing after each use is recommended.