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Setting Up and Cleaning Diffuser Go

Setting up FLO Diffuser Go

Simple steps to set up and get started on your aroma diffuser. Also known as Nebulising Diffusers, they do not use any water nor heat to operate.


Eject the nozzle head by pushing down the nozzle.

STEP 2 (A)

Attach a 5-20ml essential oil bottle directly. Change the nozzle tube to a shorter length if needed.

STEP 2 (B)

or fill the empty bottle with essential oil.


Align both triangles and reinsert the nozzle into the device.

Care Tips

Nozzle Tube

While any 5-20ml essential oil bottles can be attached, the appropriate nozzle tube length should be used. Nozzle tubes of different lengths have been included in the box, cut to desire length if current tube in use is too long.

Keep Device Upright

Do not overturn or leave the device lying down if there is oil in the glass bottle to prevent back flow of oil.

Nozzle Alignment

Aligning such that both triangles meet, place nozzle back into the device by pushing it in.

Cleaning FLO Diffuser Go

Follow these simple steps to clean the FLO Diffuser Go.


Remove the nozzle head from the diffuser body.


Fill empty glass bottle with FLO cleaning solvent to approximately half the bottle.


Attach it to the nozzle and diffuse for 10-15 minutes at the highest diffusing time.

STEP 4 (Deep Cleaning)

Remove tube from the nozzle head.


Insert the provided metal pin into the nozzle.


Twist 3-5 times.

Cleaning Tips

Clean before Storing Away

If you plan to pause usage for a few months, remember to cap the essential oil and wash the nozzle before storing the device. This prevents clogging if left unused for an extended period.

Regular Cleaning for Thick Oils

For thicker, heavier pure essential oils such as Sandalwood, Patchouli, Cedarwood, and similar varieties, it is recommended to clean your diffuser monthly or more frequently to maintain optimal performance.

Exterior Maintenance

Use FLO cleaning solvent to effectively remove dirt and essential oil residue that accumulates on the top plate of the diffuser over time. Simply wet a tissue with the solvent and wipe the surface clean.