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Note Profile

Top note: Vetiver
Middle note: Frankincense
Base note: Sandalwood

Scent Family


Scent Intensity
Scent Personality

Suave, Confident, Meditative

    What it smells like

    A creamy Sandalwood, smoky Frankincense and fresh herbaceous scents of Vetiver, Terra Wood is an earthy grounding scent that calms the anxious mind into the realm of nature's zen.

    What it feels like

    As you walk deeper into the forest, the urban sounds fade and nature's tranquil is all you hear. Terra Wood is a complex and rich aroma of woody scents with hints of fresh foliage that does the magic of transcending you to the realm of nature's serenity. As much as we are social creatures, it always feels good to be back in Mother Nature's arms — and Terra Wood does just that.