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Note Profile

Top note: Pomelo
Middle note: Geranium
Base note: Patchouli

Scent Family


Scent Intensity 
Scent Personality

Vibrant, Active, Positive

    What it smells like

    Starting Summertime with Pomelo, a piquant citrus light but extra juicy, coated with Geranium sweetness to give you that matchmade citrus-floral combination. A heaven and earth concoction completed with Patchouli to add that tinge of earthy scent. Warmth from the spice, happiness from citrus and bliss from sweet florals, it sure is summertime.

    What it feels like

    Warmth, anticipation and excitement — Summertime is all about encapsulating the feeling of warm rays and enjoyable activities in Summer. Pomelo for a juicy citrus,  beautiful florals from Geranium sprinkled with Patchouli for that touch of Summer humidity. Everything is extra bright, fun, juicy and warm with Summertime. Let's sip your favourite tropical mocktail and sunbathe at sunny Singapore.