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Note Profile

Top note: Eucalyptus
Middle note: Tea tree
Base note: Frankincense

Scent Family


Scent Intensity

Scent Personality

Fresh, Neutral, Crisp

    What it smells like

    A favourite when churning out some in-house cleansing products, Purify is the combination of all things clean and sparkling. From natural disinfectant, and anti-bacterial to anti-inflammatory properties, all of Purify Essential Oil ingredients have a cleansing function since historical times.

    Herbs used by native Aborigines like Eucalyptus and Tea Tree are still practiced today in many of the balms. In other words, it actually cleans and smells clean too!

    What it feels like

    A delicate and light scent overall, the mint that makes the first impression stems from Eucalyptus transitioning to that freshness from Tea tree and lastly to an earthy woody note with a hint of zest from Frankincense. Purify is a crisp and delightful blend that is perfect to be used at any time of the day.