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Note Profile

Top note: Lemongrass
Middle note: Cedarwood
Base note: Sandalwood, Cedarwood

Scent Family

Woody, Citrus

Scent Intensity

Scent Personality

Bold, Intriguing, Exotic 

    What it smells like

    While being heavy on the woody notes, the Lemongrass of Oriental Wood brings out the sweetness of Sandalwood, making it a full-bodied aroma with woody, citrusy and sweet herbaceous scent.

    What it feels like

    Immerse in the feelings of warmth, comfort and cosiness when you take a step into an oriental home. Scents from along the equatorial region of Earth, a full-bodied aroma of woods from India and Morocco, and herbaceous citrus from Thailand, brings out the heartening quality of Oriental. Everything feels foreign yet unknowingly calming and relaxing — Oriental Wood is this rich deep aroma that brings warmth to your surrounding space.