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Note Profile

Top note: Eucalyptus, Rosemary
Middle note: Lavender
Base note: Cedarwood

Scent Family

 Herbaceous, Woody

Scent Intensity 
Scent Personality

  Grounding, Charismatic, Alluring

    What it smells like

    A blend greeted by Eucalyptus and
    Rosemary herbaceous oils with depth from Cedarwood balanced with florals from Lavender. Oh! Fresh is one of those amazingly balanced oil that makes it such a pleasure to inhale. There is nothing much to say, if you are a fan of nature scent, add this to cart now!

    What it feels like

    Oh! Fresh is one of those we find fits the description of nature
    scent. Try taking a breath amongst mother nature, the refreshingly clear air is what defines Oh! Fresh. Setting you into a realm of calmness amongst nature, it is as though the environment quietens down and you see alluring florals and wild herbs lining along lush green fields and woods with Oh! Fresh in the air.