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Note Profile

Top note: Sweet Orange
Middle note: Tangerine
Base note: Sandalwood

Scent Family

Woody, Citrus

Scent Intensity

Scent Personality

Fresh, Chic, Suave

    What it smells like

    A grounded nutty wood combined with perky sweet citruses — what an unexpectedly perfect fit of a puzzle for a relaxing yet uplifting aromatherapy session.

    What it feels like

    A luxurious resort tucked away from the bustling city surrounded by the woods, welcomes you with a juicy citrus platter. Mandarin Wood features the origins from the ancient roots of Yoga. The premium scent of Sandalwood from India — that simply excretes calm and peace, immediately drawing all fatigue and weariness from the exhausted mind and body. The complimentary scents — Tangerine and Sweet Orange elevates to invite feelings of liveliness and vibrant energy. Mandarin Wood is a scent for relaxation and excitement for what is to come, both at once.