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Note Profile

Top note: Lemongrass
Middle note: Geranium, Lavender

Scent Family


Scent Intensity
Scent Personality

Bright, Uplifting, Bold

    What it smells like

    Enchanted as we describe to our customers is a spa-like scent. A first impression of this scent is made by the citrus in the Lemongrass giving you an immediate refresh followed by soothing florals of Lavender and Rose geranium. It has that perfect balance of citrus freshness and sweetness, and floral fragrance to give off such relaxing energy.

    What it feels like

    A scent most longed for in times of exhaustion, fatigue and stress. Our signature blend (p.s. a personal favourite), is a beautiful concoction meant for rejuvenation. As if soaked into a tub of tranquillity, the combination of floral, citrus and sweetness creates a scent that relieves tension, erases weariness and welcomes you into a realm of serenity. With its ability to bring the atmosphere, the aura and the ambience of a resort getaway spa right to your living room, there is just something about this blend simply having the magic to rejuvenate the mind, spirit and body.