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Note Profile

Top note: Neroli
Middle note: Lavender
Base note: Rosemary

Scent Family


Scent Intensity

Scent Personality

Captivating, Distinctive, Soothing

    What it smells like

    Bloom as we describe is a perfume-like floral scent. The whiff of a pleasant floral makes the first impression, closely followed by the soothing Lavender floral fragrance and lastly balanced with a hint of a herbaceous aroma. This concoction makes one of the best blend for someone looking for a pleasant floral essential oil that's not overly sweet-smelling.

    What it feels like

    With its roots from Mother Earth continent and romantic France, Bloom is the definition of a walk through nature's botanical garden. As if holding a bouquet of flowers in your hands, that burst of floral scents chases anxiety away and welcomes calming sensations. The smell accompanied with visual imagery of beautiful colourful flowers relives that stubborn mental exhaustion and invigorates the mind. Do you now know why we love receiving flowers?