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Note Profile

Top note: Tea Tree
Middle note: Petitgrain
Base note: Sandalwood

Scent Family

Woody, Herbaceous

Scent Intensity
Scent Personality

Liberating, Serene, Cool 

    What it smells like

    A dewy smoky aroma with sweetness from its Sandalwood, Oasis Wood soothes the distressed mind into a calm oceanic tidal wave. Woods and refreshing herbs replaces all the tension build-up, the perfect aromatherapy for winding down after a week of hustling.

    What it feels like

    Being constantly engulfed by bustling city sounds day and night, it is not easy to find the soothing silence that one needs from time to time. Oasis Wood is an intense smoky sweet wood with refreshing light herbaceous scent that brings you to the likes of an endless ocean pit — where the world is quiet and peaceful. Some find silence frightening, while others find peace in it — how about you?