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Lavender Essential Oil - FLO Aroma

Lavender Essential Oil

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100% Pure Essential Oil
Lavandula angustifolia

Country of origin: France

In the city of romance of Western Europe, the 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil is extracted through steam distillation from the flowery parts of the Lavandula angustifolia plant in France, Provence. The family of lavender is extensive and can differ in its quality depending on the species and the places it is grown at. At FLO, we use Lavender angustifolia, also known as true lavender. It is considered the most premium grade of lavender.

Though most commonly known for its sedative effect on the mind to aid in a peaceful sleep or relieve of tension and stress, the Lavender Essential Oil is said to be a good agent in repairing of the skin. 

A balanced scent of sweet floral and fresh herbaceous.

This unique soothing and relaxing scent pairs especially well with sweet floral scents and has an enhanced effect when paired with other similar essential oils with calming qualities. You can find Lavender in our Bloom, Enchanted and Goodnight blends.