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Cedarwood Essential Oil - FLO Aroma

Cedarwood Essential Oil

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100% Pure Essential Oil
Cedarus Atlantica

Country of origin: Morocco

1 of the 3 wood essential oils in FLO, Cedarwood has been a versatile oil among our blends to give that depth of mellow sweetness and balsamic warmth. Extracted from its very own native origin, Cedarwood Essential Oil is steam distilled from the densest trunk of the Cedar trees in Morocco. Traditionally used by the Egyptians in rituals, this grounding aroma has its way to soothe and relieve the mind and body.

Known for its balsamic tones, Cedarwood Essential Oil is a warming and heartening wood aroma that can sedate any anxiousness. Enjoy a good night sleep with a grounding aroma that balances the emotions and calms the frazzled mind.

Forestial woods with balsamic tones.

Found in many of our blends, Cedarwood Essential Oil is a versatile bottom note in Oh! Fresh, Retreat, and Oriental Wood that complements herbaceous florals to citrus note profiles.


As with all 100% Pure Essential Oils, refrain from ingesting or directly applying the oils topically. Store in amber bottles to reduce sunlight exposure.