Introducing FLO Diffuser Home

Also known as Nebulising Diffusers, they do not use any water nor heat to operate. Regarded as one of the most efficacious aroma diffusers for therapeutic use of essential oils, only 100% pure essential oils are used for diffusion.

3 Outstanding Characteristics

No Water Required

Essential oils are used undiluted without the need of water as a diffusing base

No Heat Required

No open flame to watch over, or denaturation of essential oils to worry about

Robust Motor Engineering

An almost silent motor base, yet with powerful diffusing strength

Recommended For

Scenting Your Space

Scent your atmosphere within seconds, be it a small or larger space, and carrying it out all naturally and safely

Therapeutic Use

Get the true form of pure essential oils dissipated straight into the air, attaining the best approach of assimilation into our bodies

Manage Your Environment

Be it a moment for relaxation or focus, all types of 100% pure essential oils can be used to create varying ambiences as you need


Using the science of cold air and pressure, the pure essential oils are dispersed into millions of micro-droplets that form the fine mists diffused. By inhalation, these minute particles are absorbed into the blood circulation quicker than oral intake, and safer than topical application.


The Nebulising Diffuser is able to scent an area of 800 square feet in its first 2 minutes of diffusion. Fill up your atmosphere instantly and completely naturally with 100% pure essential oils, free of chemicals, smoke or toxins.


Deisgned with power in mind and engineered to perfection. Below 40dB of noise is produced during the operation, giving you no disturbance to the mood of your environment.

Eliminating 4 Common Woes with Water or Heat Based Products

Mediocre Diffusion

Essential oils added to a large volume of water and spread throughout a large space become extremely diluted

Maintenance Hassle

Hassle of fetching water aside, mould and bacteria can thrive in the water reservoir and be breathed in if not well-maintained

Oil Denaturation

Potential alteration to chemical compounds when in contact with heat, diminishing the therapeutic attributes of essential oils

Open Flames & Toxins

Other than being a risk of fire, smoke, toxins or chemicals emitted during the process of burning are harmful to our bodies

Features of FLO Diffuser Home

Rhythm Diffusion

Diffuses for 2-minute and pauses for 1-minute, maintains a balanced intensity of aroma in the atmosphere

Auto-Off Diffusion

Diffusion ceases automatically after 2 hours eliminates concern of device overworking

Adjustable Intensity

Dial control allows for appropriate intensity of aroma to be adjusted for small or larger areas

LED Lighting

Equipped with 7 LED colours that auto-rotates adds to aesthetics and doubles up as a night lamp

Compact Size

The base measures just 12.3cm in width occupying minimal table space without unnecessary clutter

Low Energy Consumption

Only a low 3.6 W is required for the operation of the device, keeping to minimal electricity consumption

FLO Nebulisers VS In The Market

Superior Motor Base

Powerful diffusing strength.

Quiet motor operation.

Inferior Motor Parts

Feeble diffusing function.

Loud motor noises.


Flame-free - No need for monitoring open flames.

Waterless - Zero risks of moisture damage to electronics.

Risks & Hazards

Open flames pose risks of fire hazards.

Probable moisture damage to electronics.

Diffusion Integrity Preserved

Heat-free – Oil properties kept true.

Breathe in purely essential oils in the diffusion.

Potential Health Concerns

Oil denaturation by heat diminishes oil benefits.

Possible generation of smoke or toxins from burning.