Bring forth a good head start to the new year with our lucky scents this season! Get your home ready this festive period with our curated assortment of essential oils, reed and hand wash.

Seasonal Item

Happy Spring Duo

The popular festive scents - Lucky Spring and Spring Flowers, are back for a limited time! Fill your home with prosperity, good luck and joy this new year!

Lucky Spring

Sweet Orange, Grapefruit, Cypress

100% Pure Essential Oil Blend

Lunar New Year is a season full of symbolism for all things good in life. Good health, good fortune and good luck, Lucky Spring is an aroma that brings about the anticipation and excitement for what is to come in this year of the Rabbit. Made with the popular fruit of the month — Oranges, Lucky Spring is a recipe of citruses to enhance the huat of the month!

NOTE PROFILE A citrusy blend grounded by cypress essential oil to balance the high with some comforting herbaceous note. Lucky Spring remains to be an uplifting scent that welcomes family and friends into a festive home of symbolic decorations and aroma.

Top note: Grapefruit, Sweet Orange
Bottom note: Cypress

Spring Flowers

Honeysuckle, Geranium, Ylang Ylang

100% Pure Essential Oil Blend

As the cold rainy season sends, come the warmth of Spring. This New Year, welcome sweet florals into your home with the scent of Spring Flowers. A beautiful floral concoction to calm and ground the emotions and state of mind. Returning and resetting the physical space and mental space for a fresh start of the year.

NOTE PROFILE Flowers of all shades, each floral essential oil in this blend gives a different dimension of floral scent that makes this beautiful bouquet hard to resist. Fresh, sweet and uplifting, perfect for a new year aromatherapy session.

Top note: Geranium
Middle note: Honeysuckle
Bottom note: Ylang Ylang

好事成双 - Essential Oil Duo

Perfectly paired to help you celebrate the Year of Rabbit.

Mandarin Duo


Oriental Duo


Oasis Duo


Terra Duo


Reed & Hand Wash

Greetings Set

Mix and match the prefect combination to welcome guests to your home.